Jamaica Collage 350

Following ten years in the regular army and ten years in large businesses as a marketing executive, Jeremy became heavily involved in brochure photography in the travel business all over the world. He also produced audiovisual presentations as well as shooting and editing videos of many destinations

Left: Jamaica collage. Click on image to get enlargement

Homer final

During twenty years as a tutor at the Royal College of art Jeremy taught business studies at MA level to photography students as well as to the creative disciplines in Fashion, Graphics Metalwork and Jewellery. Finally ending up as webmaster of Francis Iles Galleries, he photographed all the content for a very substatial website and also created a number of art works based on mixed media: painting in acrylics and then merging works with photographs.This work was sold at the gallery and at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea London.

Right: Mixed media “Homer at Rest”

Jeremy now concentrates on Portraits on location in the Cotswolds, using a portable studio where necessary.